The Hottest Girls are ALL on the Dance Floor… Can you get them?

World's #1 Night Club Dance Instructor Reveals How to Seduce, Make Out With, and Take Home Women from the Dance Floor… Even if You’re Awful with Women and Terrible at Dancing!

Chi Szeto is the dance instructor that dating and pick-up coaches depend on worldwide for dance advice. For the first time, he is revealing all his methods for hooking up with hot, gorgeous women from the bars and clubs in this special video set.

From Chi Szeto:

Dear Friend,

Have you ever looked at hot, sexy women moving on the dance floor… wanted to start talking or dancing with them… but had no idea what to say, how to approach, and what you would actually do if they were interested?
I know exactly what it’s like because I was in the exact same position.

When you look at gorgeous girls dancing together, it can seem like there’s an invisible wall you can’t cross to get their attention.

They look like they’re having a lot more fun than you… and even if you do get the courage to go up and talk to them, they barely hear you.

Maybe you try to “smoothly” dance up to them and they move away from you.

Maybe they just ignore you.

Or best case scenario, one of them is willing to dance with you a little bit… before a friend drags her away three minutes later… and she forgets about you instantly. It’s like you never existed. Most of the time though… you just stand there and watch because you have no idea what to do.

I’m a professional dancer and instructor now, but I can assure you of two things:

1)  A few years ago, I was awful with women, both on and off the dance floor.
2)  Learning how to dance… even extremely well… didn’t help ? until I learned the secret I’m about to share with you.

A lot of my most successful students have come from very hard times with women. Tell me if this describes you at all:

•  You feel awkward dancing in public… and your moves feel stiff and uncoordinated
•  You feel like you’re doing the same move over and over and it’s boring everyone you dance with.
•  You don’t look like you’re having any fun
•  The music is too loud for you to talk to anyone and it’s awkward when the girls can’t hear you

After training a ton of men, young and old, I can tell you that the dance floor is the hardest place in the world to pick up women if you don’t know what you’re doing…

But it’s the easiest place in the world to meet women if you know the secrets I’m about to share with you.

I am not a natural dancer.

I always loved music and would watch MTV and VH1 growing up, practicing dance moves in my room… but I wasn’t very good at it.

At the same time, I was awkward with women and not very popular in general, so I thought that dancing well would get me approval from others… and hopefully that would land me a girlfriend.

All I had to do was be that guy who was in the middle of the dance floor impressing everyone… and everything would be great.

So I took lots of classes… salsa, hip-hop, tango… and many styles you haven’t heard of.

And I got good. Like good enough to get on TV and back-up dance for major pop artists Internationally at concerts. But I still wasn’t successful with women.

Even with My Dance Moves
I Couldn’t Get Any Women!

It didn’t make sense! I was getting loads of compliments, and yes… girls did want to dance with me when I was the center of the attention.

But then after one or two songs, the girls would always say, “Thanks for the dance!” and run back to their friends as if I was just the entertainment for the moment.

Then later in the night, I would see the same girl making out with a handsome, cool-looking guy who could barely dance at all. It was heartbreaking.

I started to wonder, “What’s the point of being a great dancer if it doesn’t even get me laid??”

The reality soon hit me: “Dancing well” and “Dancing to get girls” are two very different skills.

And I later found out that this is great news because learning how to get girls while dancing is a hell of a lot easier than dancing well, period.

If you want to dance at my level professionally, it will take you thousands of hours of classes, practice, and performance.

But if you want to dance well enough to get a woman’s attention and take her home with you, I can teach you that in one weekend.

I probably know more about dancing in the clubs than just about any man in the United States. I've made a career out of partying, danced with Kaba Modern, trained with the Jabbawockeez, been featured on several TV shows, but the truth is…

I only use about 2% of my dance knowledge (if that)… when I’m seducing a woman on the dance floor.

Yes, you only need a few dance moves and some specific, easy-to-learn strategies to go from spotting a woman dancing to getting her in your arms making out in minutes.

The other 98% of dance knowledge and skill will just waste your time and make you an entertaining monkey for the rest of the club.

You Only Need a Few Very Specific
Dance Moves to Attract Women

Things turned around for me when I spotted the few moves that were getting me and other guys a ton of attraction from women. Once I stuck to those few moves, everything got a lot easier.

Now whatever physical shape you’re in right now, let me tell you what your requirements are to use my methods:

You don't need to be flexible
You don’t need to be able to keep a beat
You don’t need to be good looking or tall
You don’t need to have a nice body
You don’t even need to even be in shape

All you need to do follow the simple step-by-step instructions I teach and you can confidently walk or dance up to women on the dance floor and get them interested in you right away.

If you follow what I’m saying, you can be the guy that says to your friends “Watch this…” and then walks up to a hot babe on the dance floor… making out with her a few minutes later.

I know you can be that guy because I am that guy and many of my students now are that guy… and all of us had years of failure where we could barely get a woman to tell us the time of day.

You are now going to hear the secret sauce that makes any woman you dance with suddenly intensely sexually attracted to you… even if she had zero interest when you walked up.

If You Make a Woman Dance Like
She Wants You, She Will Want You

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with self-help psychology and know that there is a lot of research that suggests that our feelings tend to follow our physical postures and physiology.

If you walk around with your shoulders slumped down and make a droopy face, guess what… you’re going to be depressed.

If you stand confident and with a big smile, you’ll feel good very soon.

How does this apply to seducing women?

It’s very simple.

If a woman has her arms around a guy’s neck and is moving her hips with him sensually… she will assume she’s attracted to him and her subconscious mind will pump her body with hormones and endorphins until her conscious mind comes along for the ride.

Seconds later, she is blazing hot for you… even if she first thought you were only a nice, kinda dorky guy when you walked up to her.

Of course, she won’t remember it that way. Even if she wasn’t into you at all when you met, she will look back on your first moment of eye contact and remember that she was set on fire when you first touched her.

It works like magic.

I got the idea from watching how those good-looking, popular guys were dancing with women at the clubs. Often they had a fraction of my dancing ability (and are likely way worse at dancing you are). Sometimes the women dancing with them seemed to be doing all the work because they were already interested!

I’d watch how the women were touching these good looking-guys and took note of their body positions.

Then… I reverse-engineered how they were moving and structured my dance moves so you would know the exact steps to get her into those “I want you” positions. All you had to do get her in the right body language and her mind and heart would follow!


“Your videos rock. I was one of the countless dudes who was totally unable to dance and now I can go out there and freak-dance with hot chicks. I hope I can take private lessons with you soon. Thanks!” --Daniel K. -Youtube Student

After Discovering This "Hack,"
My Students Had Off-The-Charts Success!

My method is very simple:

1.  Know what dance positions women take when they’re really turned on
2.  Get the women in those positions… smoothly, subtly, and playfully so they are having fun the whole time and don’t realize they’re developing feelings for you until it’s too late!

Do you know what really hit this home for me?

Let me tell you a secret… When I first started experimenting with this, I hired a hot go-go dancer named Kara to help a student practice the moves I was teaching him.

After one day of instruction, the girl I hired ended up sleeping with my student… just from him doing the dance moves I taught!

I couldn’t believe it.

She was physically unable to prevent herself from being attracted to him when he took her through the physical motions women experience they decide to have sex with a man.

You can call this unfair if you want. I call it an opportunity to even out the playing field.

Introducing… “Dance Seduction Vol. 1 & 2”
Learn in One Weekend How to Get a
Woman from the Club to Your Bed

Now you may have heard that the way you move says a lot about you.

I’m going to show you how you can project the four qualities that most magnetically attract women in the clubs… and pretty much anywhere.

With 3 DVD’s packed with lessons and examples, you are going to learn Confidence, Control, Fun, and Sexuality… and all the moves and behaviors that convey these qualities to women.

If any of those sound like they’ll be difficult for you, don’t worry about a thing. For example, if you’re not confident now, I’ll show you how to project that image anyway, and eventually you’ll be feeling it for real.

Along with that, you’ll learn how to instantaneously attract women on the dance floor and move them around in ways that sets them on fire in attraction for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

•   How to set yourself up as the man she listens to by leading her through just a few simple dance moves (This is completely unconscious and she’ll get used to seeing you as the alpha-dog right away).

•   Easy techniques to calm your nerves so walking up to the most gorgeous girl on the dance floor feels like the most natural thing in the world. How to get her off the dance floor and move her to get drinks or leave the club altogether (Yes, you do have to do more than dance with her to close the deal).

•   The number one “Dirty Trick” to get her from three feet from you to three inches away… and make her love that she’s so close to you.

•   How to be “ambiguously sexy” so she can’t tell how serious you are… while she’s getting extremely turned on.

•   Why trying to copy other successful guys on the dance floor will cripple your game (and how to do way better than them so you’re the one they’re all jealous of).

•   How to charge yourself with seductive energy when you move so women look at you and think, “Who is that guy?”

•   How to get a girl to have so much fun on the dance floor that she forgets her friends are even there. What to do when a girl gets “stiff” on you and isn’t having fun. (This is the moment where she’s most likely to get dragged off by a friend. Knowing the answer to this will save your seduction).


“I used to be one of those guys standing by the wall (if I even went to a club, and I felt I didn’t have any rhythm. Now I have WAY more confidence and am busting out moves and impressing people who never thought I could dance. Thanks a ton. I’ll be spreading the word far and wide.”
Colin F. -San Francisco, CA

•   A ridiculously simple two-step move that gets her arms around your neck and grinding on your waist.

•   Instant “awkwardness destroyers”to erase any mistakes you make when dancing with a girl (This is as close to a “Groundhog Day” machine as you can get so you have a second chance when you mess up).

•   A funny dance move from the 80’s that will get any girl laughing and eager to spend more time with you. (This will get you at least two more songs with her where you can use the real sexy techniques that get her hot for you).

•   How to play hard-to-get while dancing so she sees you as a challenge she has to work hard to impress.

•   Funny things you can say to “Break the Tension” if you get too close and she gets uncomfortable (This will get rid of 85% of your possible rejections)

•   How to get a girl to unconsciously signal to her friends “I want this guy!” so they back off and let you do your thing.

•   The Unbelievable “Titty-Tease” ? Get alarmingly close to her breasts to turn her on without even risking rejection. How to playfully “spank a girl” in a way that gets her laughing and horny at the same time. (The key is to get more of the side of her hip so it’s still semi-innocent)


“I have a lot more fun on the dance floor at the clubs now and am naturally attracting women that I know a few of your moves. Great stuff!”
-Chris S. Private and Skype Lessons -Dubai, UAE

•   5 ways almost every guy goes wrong talking to women on the dance floor (And how knowing the real deal will leapfrog you over your competition).

•   Sneaky ways to get her picturing you and her having sex through dance… and make her think she came up with the fantasy herself!

•   Nervous about other guys on the dance floor? Add a powerful vibe to your movement so other men know to stay away from your women.

•   Go from boring to fascinating in seconds by adding energy to your steps (It’s easier than you think.)

•   Sexy “you’re a bad girl” moves to get her hot for you (You’d be amazed at what you can get away with if you follow my instructions).

•   How to smoothly get your hips on hers, rubbing… with her thinking “it just happened…”

•   My special spin move that gets her from far away to right on your hips… and it feels completely natural to her. How to make it look like she’s coming on to you so other girls you’ve talked to notice and get jealous.

•   The insider secret of how you can touch sensual places like her inner thigh without any resistance.

•   How to demonstrate your sexuality in a way that makes you look powerful and sexy instead of needy and horny like most guys.

•   The “Neediness Destroyer” ? The attitude and body language you need to get super-close to her without looking desperate.

•   The “Girlfriend Hold,” which makes her feel comfortable and protected as if she’s been dating you for months already. (This builds a ton of trust for when you want to take her home)

•   How to “check her body out” so she knows this is not a friendly dance, but the beginning of something sexual. (Do this wrong and you look like a desperate pervert… Do this right and you’re getting laid tonight)

•   The ultra-controversial “Choke” move (I may take this move out of future product editions because so many students get nervous about using it… but for now you can have it!) Slick “romantic” moves you can do on the floor to warm her heart (and her pants) at the same time.

•   3 spots to touch her during dancing that look very innocent but open her up to feeling strong attraction to you. The only two types of dance classes you should take to get better with women.

•   The legendary “Fatality” move where you two are being goofy and fun ? but at the same time she’s simulating having dirty sex with you.

•   The key to doing ballsy, aggressive moves like pinning her against the wall and simulating she’s wearing handcuffs… while still looking completely sociably acceptable to the rest of the dance floor. (There’s a subtle difference you need to know to make this seductive instead of psychotic).

•   The right amount of eye contact you need to keep her hooked without intimidating her. How to position your hands so touching her feels natural and welcome… even in the “more personal” areas.

•   The “Kiss Tester” to see if she’s ready to be kissed by you. (This is rejection-proof because if you “fail” the test, she never knew what you were planning)

•   “Rejection Insurance” ? Learn how to go in for a sexy move and not look bad if things don’t go your way.

•   4 Ways to Kiss Her while dancing (I’ll let you know which one is risky and which one you can almost always get success with).

•   Everything you need to have covered to look attractive before even stepping into the club, from clothes, to style, to confidence.

•   The lost art of controlled vulnerability and how to use this to get her fascinated and even more attracted to you. (This earns her trust right away, which is crucial if you want to get her alone tonight)


“Chi’s instruction on club dancing techniques helped me dance better and connect with girls on the first night out. He showed me how to approach girls on the dance floor and more. Later that night I danced at a party using Chi’s techniques with great results. He has a solid understanding on how to get women you dance with moving the right way with you (fun, seductively, romantically, etc.).

Chi will teach you how to “gentle but firm” or “subtle aggression” take control on the dance floor and have fun when out dancing.”
Stan C. -Los Angeles, CA

The 5 Magic Words you need to say to get her to leave the club with you.

How to respond if she’s unsure about leaving the club with you and needs more assurance. (This is much easier you think and I’ll tell you the exact words to say)

The amazingly effective way of getting her phone number so she thinks it was her idea to give it to you!

4 Easy Opening Lines you can say to get her to start dancing (These are word-for-word so you can’t mess this up!). How to play “hard to get” on the dance floor using your body language alone (This gets her addicted to your touch).

“Talking dirty” on the dance floor revealed ? whisper slightly dirty things in her ear to make her hot and horny.

Take her from “casual” dancing to full body-on-body grinding within just a few minutes using my intimacy sequence.

How to know when to “give her a break” and relax before turning her on again (Guys that get rejected often try to keep it hot for too long, so you need to give her a break sometimes).

Full demonstration of your entire seduction dance sequence. (This is everything you need from approach to full sexy grind).

Ways to transition from move to move so it’s always smooth and never awkward. (You’ll never wonder “What’s my next move” after this)


I now have the confidence to dance and get into the fun on the dance floor. I would highly recommend his dance class to both Men and Women for learning how to dance and have FUN doing it!

Alex P. -New York City Weekend Crash Course Student

See students just like you do the moves and watch my corrections (This will save you a lot of time as I correct the most common student mistakes).

How to handle a “shy girl” who may be super into you but still looking the other way (It’s very important that you handle this delicately because going in too strong can scare her away… even if she wants you bad.) How to stay energetically connected to a woman even when you are several feet apart. (You lose the hot vibe if you’re apart for too long… except if you do this.)

The 9 Signs Women Give You to let you know it’s on and that you need to get her number or bring her home right away.

How to scan the room for the women most interested in getting picked up by you. (Some are just waiting to be pulled on to the dance floor and will jump at the chance when you ask.)

The right way to approach a woman who’s standing near the dance floor but not getting her groove yet (The easiest women to use these tactics on)

How to approach a woman already dancing and make it completely natural for her to leave her group to dance with you.

How to get a girl to dance with you without saying a word (most guys are super-creepy when they try this because they have not learned this method!)

Sly ways to make her dance around you like you’re a stripper pole (She’ll think you two are goofing off… but subconsciously she’s letting out her inner slut.)

How to kiss a girl within seconds of meeting her (You will not believe this works!)


Hello from Sweden! Gotta say the stuff you showed me really helped me take that final step to approaching women on the dancefloor without being awkward. Now I always know what to do next. I’ve even had some makeouts and intense grinding (the grinding even more fun than the make-outs!) So once again, Thank you!
Artin -Sweden

You will learn all of this in “Dance Seduction Vol. 1 & 2,” packed into 3 DVD’s of everything you need to know to pick up and seduce women on the dance floor.

Now I know not every student of mine is looking for the same thing.

Maybe you just want to go out and have fun for once at the club, goofing off and dancing with as many girls as possible.

Maybe you just want to impress the hell out of your friends with how smooth you are getting women all over you and making out with several women a night.

Maybe you want to go up to a woman, get her interested, and then ask her out on a date. It’s perfectly fine to start a new relationship while dancing.

Or maybe… you want to go up to the hottest, most gorgeous girl on the dance floor and make her yours that night and have a blast doing it… all from learning the step-by-step moves you learned in one weekend from Dance Seduction Vol. 1 & 2.

That last one is my favorite but you can decide for yourself how you want to apply the material.

At this point you really have three options of how you want to meet women on the dance floor.

You can do nothing and hope it works out. (I actually think this way of doing things doesn’t work with anything in life, but it is your choice)

You can try to learn the hard way just like I did. Take 10,000+ hours of dance classes, internships, stage experience, and then reverse engineer what the men are doing who actually get laid from the hot women in clubs. I wouldn’t wish this path on anyone but it does work if you have the time for it.

You can take the easiest and least expensive way… by getting Dance Seduction Vol. 1 & 2. Within a weekend you’ll learn everything you need to know to attract women off the dance floor and let your dating life explode. Plus you’ll be having more fun on your nights out than you ever imagined.

I want to remind you that this is clearly the most inexpensive path to succeeding with women. The DVD’s cost less than a few dance classes and are most likely less than what you’d spend for a month of nights out at bars and clubs.

Plus the program is fully-refundable with a money-back guarantee.

Bonus: DJ Fuji’s “Fundamentals of Attraction”

For a limited time, I am going to give you access to an interview I did with my own dating guru, DJ Fuji. This is a phenomenal video that will teach you how to handle all aspects of your game off the dance floor when approaching women.

Why did I pick DJ Fuji for this bonus?

Well, for one thing, I knew he was the real deal because he was even worse than me at getting women when he started his pick-up journey eight years ago.

He is a 5’4 Asian who had to learn game to get with the hot models he has in his life now.

And his technical what-to-do-next game is second to none.

During this 40+ minute interview he shares:

“Inner Game” exercises to boost your confidence in minutes. (These work at home and in the club)
Exact lines you can say to get women giggling and attracted to you. (These are perfect when there’s an awkward silence)
•The 4 things you need to do before approaching a woman to near-guarantee she’ll want to talk to you. (Unless she’s in a coma, you’ll have her total attention as long as you do this)
•How to get comfortable touching women and have them all over you (His technique for this is something you’ll never hear anywhere else)

DJ Fuji is in the process of making some high-priced ($300-997) products and this will be the only time you can get material like this from him for free. When this happens, I have promised him I will take down this bonus if he requests it. For this reason I urge you to take advantage of this today before it gets taken down.


“It just took a few basic moves from your DVD's for me to start feeling comfortable on the dance floor. I used to avoid dancing like a plague, because any good conversation I had with a woman at a club would be destroyed once she saw me try to dance. Now I feel just as comfortable dancing as talking and women are giving me the eye for my moves. In fact, last night, after I stepped off the dance floor, a sexy woman grabbed me and pulled me over to her, wanting to talk. This NEVER happens to me, especially not anywhere near the dance floor! Thanks for the help, Chi!
Daniel A. -San Diego, CA

Take 60 Days to Test-Drive “Dance Seduction”
with my 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s what I suggest.

Get the program and give it a full two months to try it out. You’ll finish the DVD’s in a weekend. That’s the easy part. Then go out and have fun with what I’ve taught you.

Make out with a few women while your buddies gasp in amazement.

Take a few women home.

Have a blast the entire time.

Within 60 days of fun and debauchery, you don’t think it was worth it, then I insist you contact me right away for a full refund.

There’s nothing to lose here and everything to gain. I am taking the entire risk for you because I’ve seen such amazing results in myself and my students who’ve used this material.

I’m a short Asian guy with average looks at best and I’m absolutely killing it with this method. My students come from all races, backgrounds, fitness levels, and looks. All of them see improvement with this method and the guys who work at it become legendary at dance floor game.

Most importantly, they finally have fun when they go out. Think of how many times you’ve looked around at the club and felt like the odd man out. You go there to have a good time and it feels like you spend the night watching other people have fun instead of you.

Even if this product wasn’t specifically designed to get you laid, you would still be 10 times happier when you went out to socialize from the dance instruction alone.

So I leave it to you, do you want your social life to be the same it has been the past year (or maybe 3 or 5 years)?

Or are you ready for a change?

I hope you are and will be looking forward to making you a superstar.

- Chi the "Club Dance King" Szeto

Dance Seduction Vol. 1 & 2

Instant Download Version

Entire Program as Instant Download.
3 individually playable High Quality Files
(NO Chapters, NO waiting for DVD shipping. ($147 Value)

LAUNCH BONUS 1:Exclusive interview w/ Dating Coach DJ FUJI ($45 Value)
LAUNCH BONUS 2: Exclusive interview w/ Dating Language Expert Josh Pellicer ($45 Value)
LAUNCH BONUS 3: Chi's "Secrets of Dance Floor Game"(PDF) ($15 Value)

Value $252.00


Who is Chi Szeto?

With over 25 Million views and 25,000 subscribers, Chi Szeto is the MOST popular club dance and dance seduction expert on the Internet. From Los Angles to London, Hong Kong and Dubai, he travels internationally to teach and perform.

Trained in Hip Hop under many of the Jabbawockeez and performed internationally for Top Asian Pop artists such as Jay Chou and Lee Hom Wang, Chi is an international dance coach and entertainer.

He was even featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as an Internet sensation!

In addition, Chi is currently training with Que Rico in Bachata and has been trained in Salsa by World Champion couple Jr. and Emily Alabi.

Chi has spent years creating and perfecting this new dance genre using simple techniques to help you become confident being sexual and sensual with any woman instantly.


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